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Working as a psychiatrist in the Netherlands

Working in the EU/ Netherlands as a psychiatrist

We connect psychiatrists with their dream workplaces in the Netherlands.

Welcome to our website!
You are interested in the possibility of making a career move as a psychiatrist to a country within the EU and/or the Netherlands.
We would like to introduce the Netherlands to you as a country with a well-funded healthcare system and excellent work/life balance together with extensive opportunities for an exciting job as a psychiatrist.
The Netherlands has a Mental Health Care environment, which is similar to the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia and has great working conditions (salary, perks, part-time working; flexible arrangement regarding overtime; friendly, relaxed yet professional team environment; professional development opportunities and requirements, and possibilities of tax relief for certain professional via the 30% tax rule).
The Netherlands offers a wellbeing and family-focused lifestyle (biking to work, school systems, labour market, finding a job for your other half).

Moving to another country is not a step to be taken lightly. There are so many things to consider, so much research to do, so many unknowns and questions.

At Intellect Transfer, we are happy to help you with your considerations. We can answer your questions, provide your extra information, help you find that perfect-fit position, and support you all the way from your initial enquiry to the ultimate step of relocation to the Netherlands.

About us

We have extensive experience in helping psychiatrists, psychologists and other mental health professionals find suitable work in the Netherlands and also in recruiting psychiatrists/ other mental health professionals from abroad (Romania, Spain and New Zealand)to the Netherlands.

We pride ourselves on personal approach, extensive knowledge of so called "social map" (Dutch health care system) and good contacts with organizations throughout the Netherlands.
We work explicitly on the basis of the candidate's interests and personal preferences in terms of work, housing, recreation and/or school/education needs. We consider your personal and family situation and work with you to plan your journey and the process to suit your needs and abilities, so it's as flexible as possible.
We also offer personalized recruitment where the match is not based on specifications but on culture: what does the prospective employer mean to you and the place/region where you will be living. Our aim is to help the candidate find a place to work and live where they (and their family) could feel at home.

We help our candidates with Registration and Immigration processes

  • Registration (psychologist, Psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses) EU/non-EU
  • Immigration (if needed)
  • Maintaining your registration requirements.

Our support for you/ How it works:

  • Register with us
  • Chat with us (obligation-free; tell us about your needs, wants and motivation for emigration); we speak English, French, Polish, German and, of course, Dutch
  • We’ll connect you with potential employers based on the conversation(s) with you
  • Support with registration documentation
  • Support with Language learning
  • Support with the practicalities of the move (finding schools, house, moving your belongings).